The Marvelous Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

The Marvelous Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Many bottled beers and wines have been filtered using diatomaceous earth at some point to remove solids and other contaminants. In order to avoid a cloudy and unappealing appearance and taste, impurities in both beverages must be filtered down to the micron level. Today, we will discuss how diatomaceous earth serves as an effective filtration method for brewing beer.

Why is Diatomaceous Earth an Excellent Filtration Medium?

If you were to examine why diatomaceous earth is an exceptional filtration medium and filter aid, you would require a microscope. The microscopic diatoms possess a variety of shapes and a structure resembling a honeycomb. The pores within and between cell walls create a matrix that captures bacteria, clay particles, some viruses, and other suspended solids from liquids. This process leaves the liquids cleaner with significantly reduced levels of solids and contaminants.

In addition, the high capacity of diatomaceous earth to hold solids allows for longer filter cycles, allowing for the removal of more solids than other filtration methods would permit.

Why do Brewers Prefer Diatomaceous Earth for Beer Filtration?

As all brewers are aware, filtering beer can be quite challenging, and using an incorrect filter aid may alter the taste and appearance of the beer. Diatomaceous earth, being a natural and flavorless mineral, naturally filters out impurities that result in cloudiness and unsightly sediment in beer.

Another remarkable benefit of using diatomaceous earth as a filter aid is its ability to positively influence the characteristics of your brew. It is easy to adjust the filtration and flow, providing you with yet another means to infuse your beer with a unique personality. It places the artistry in your hands rather than being limited by the filtration method.

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