The Perfect Moment to Enjoy Beer


If you prefer a laid-back vacation where you can lounge on the beach or relax in a hammock, there’s no harm in cracking open a beer to enhance your relaxation. Most of us only have one or two weeks of actual vacation time each year. Sure, we might have more “vacation days” on paper at the office, but let’s face it, many of them get consumed by life obligations. So, why not enjoy a beer with breakfast on those precious few real vacation days?


It’s important to differentiate between holidays and vacation days because they are quite different. Consequently, getting permission to have a morning beer varies greatly between holidays and actual vacation days. Holidays aren’t exactly relaxing; in fact, they often come with a lot of pressure.

If you’re the host, you’ll feel the pressure of preparing the perfect traditional meal, ensuring the house is ready for guests, hoping that the kids in the family break fewer things this year than they did last year, and generally entertaining everyone. In such cases, having a morning lager seems like a valid excuse.

If you’re not the host, chances are you had to endure a long drive to reach your holiday destination. Packing up the kids, the gifts (if it’s that kind of holiday), and yourself into the car at 4 am wasn’t exactly enjoyable. And once you finally arrive, you’ll be with your family. We all love our families, but you know how they can be. So, if having a beer seems like it might help you relax a little, go ahead and have one!

Game Day

Whether you’re tailgating or warming up for the Sunday game at home in front of the TV, it’s customary for everyone to have a beer before noon. Whatever your game day food ritual is—hot wings, cold cuts, chili dogs, pizza, etc.—these foods pair well with a beer, so don’t feel ashamed if you decide to crack one open before the sun is at its highest point.

Night-Shift Work

Every town has its own local dive bar. If you happen to go there in the morning, you might come across people who have just finished their graveyard shift and stopped by for a beer before heading to bed. After hearing their stories, you’ll realize that these individuals have the best excuse of all for having a beer early in the morning!

Brew Day

This is a special exception for homebrewers. Nothing else really happens on brew day, especially if you’re an all-grain brewer. Setting up and later packing away and cleaning the equipment takes up a significant portion of the day, making it seem like the brewing itself is secondary to equipment maintenance. So, starting the day off with a homebrew from your previous batch to remind yourself why you’re doing this is perfectly fine.

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