Tips to Enhance Your Experience with Adjuncts

Tips to Enhance Your Experience with Adjuncts

How can adjuncts assist the brewery?

The impact of beer doesn’t just stop with the beer itself. These supplementary ingredients also contribute to the production of cost-effective and outstanding beer, providing great benefits, especially for new breweries.

Production of exceptional beer

Adjuncts are excellent ingredients for breweries. They result in better beers by going beyond the use of essential elements alone. Depending on the formulation and use of adjuncts, beer can have improved taste, aroma, flavor, alcohol content, and foam retention.

This enables breweries to sell top-notch beers, leading to increased sales and profits. Furthermore, breweries can establish their reputation because, let’s be honest, people love exceptional beers!


Breweries utilize adjuncts for various reasons, but one of the main incentives is to reduce the costs of basic ingredients.

Unmalted grains like barley and oats are more affordable than malted grains due to the absence of malting and other processes. Therefore, breweries often use unmalted grains as adjuncts to control expenses.

Usually, they mix an appropriate amount of malted grains to ensure the beer retains its quality taste. Breweries only need to calculate the correct amount of adjuncts to achieve the desired quality.

Important points about adjuncts

For those seeking more knowledge about adjuncts, there are some misconceptions surrounding these ingredients. Here are three things you should remember:

Adjuncts are not inferior ingredients

Adjuncts are not considered inferior or added to beer simply because they are available. Some people mistakenly believe that adjuncts are used to manipulate the ingredients, but this claim is invalid.

Breweries carefully select the best adjuncts to complement the malt and invest money and effort in these ingredients. Adjuncts are not leftovers from other beer production processes.

Adjuncts are not substitutes for essential beer ingredients

Another misconception about adjuncts is that they replace the essential ingredients of beer. This is a significant mistake.

Adjuncts, once again, are additional ingredients. While they are mixed with the original malt, they do not fully replace the grains or hops. They are used solely for improvement and cost-related purposes.

Remember, beer without the four essential ingredients is not beer at all!

Adjuncts do not diminish the quality of beer

The last misconception we need to address is that adjuncts lower the quality of beer. This misunderstanding sometimes discourages people from buying beer.

Here’s the truth: adjuncts actually enhance the quality of beer. If an adjunct were to degrade the quality, the brewery may need to reevaluate its beer recipe.

If you plan on brewing beer, feel free to add some adjuncts. Experiment with different recipes to avoid producing low-quality beer.

Final thoughts

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to beer. Therefore, breweries strive to experiment with various flavors. But to accomplish this, they rely on the assistance of adjuncts! We hope this guide has helped you understand what adjuncts are in the beer-making process.

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