Unlocking the Secrets of Craft Beer: Everything You Should Know

Unlocking the Secrets of Craft Beer: Everything You Should Know

Many consumers find mass-produced beer to be stale, watery, and bland. Craft beer brewers are more passionate about the process, aiming to enrich the flavor and achieve flawless taste. Large beer producers invest more time in marketing their products, while craft brewers focus on perfecting their beer.

Consumers appreciate the quality of beer and are willing to spend a little more for a taste of quality rather than water. While craft beer may be more expensive, it is worth the small price difference for beer connoisseurs. Additionally, craft beer has a higher alcohol by volume content, so less beer needs to be consumed to achieve the same effect. Therefore, the cost difference becomes negligible.

What Defines Craft Beer?

Craft beer must be brewed using traditional ingredients, including yeast, water, malt, hops, and grains. If a brewer decides to cut costs and use cheaper ingredients to produce larger quantities, the beer can no longer be considered or labeled as craft beer.

Other ingredients may be used to enhance the beer’s flavor, but the base of the brew must always consist of traditional ingredients.

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Health: Craft Beer vs. Commercial Beer

Mass-produced beer does not have the same health benefits as craft beer. Craft beer is actually much healthier for several reasons. Firstly, craft beer has a higher alcohol content, meaning that the average beer drinker will consume less beer when opting for craft beer. On the other hand, commercial beers with low alcohol by volume (ABV) content are consumed in large amounts, which can have detrimental effects on one’s health.

Some argue that craft beer is a source of antioxidants, as well as protein and Vitamin B. However, it is important to drink in moderation. Commercial beer also contains more additives, which can have negative health effects. Craft brewers do not need to use additives in their beer since they are not trying to cut costs.

Creativity in Craft Beer

Craft beer offers consumers a wide variety of options and choices. Brewers are passionate about the art of brewing, rather than mass production. This results in amazing new crafts and ideas. There are thousands of different types of craft beers available. Have you ever tried a dry lager or a juicy malt with low hop bitterness? ACE can provide you with an endless selection of products.

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