Unveiling the Advantages of a Caribbean Rum Still

Unveiling the Advantages of a Caribbean Rum Still

Basics of Caribbean Rum Stills

Distillation has been in existence for centuries and has primarily evolved through trial and error over time. While we receive many inquiries about different types of systems and all-in-one setups that can handle multiple tasks, these systems are excellent if you have limited space or need to produce various seasonal products. However, if you aim to create a unique spirit in a traditional manner, you will require specific equipment.

Caribbean Rum Still Set Up

Traditional Caribbean rum systems are exactly that – traditional. The fundamental double thumper technology has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years, as it continues to be the best method for producing a traditional heavy, funky Caribbean rum. The issue with these systems is that they are designed for a single purpose and lack the versatility to produce other types of rum without modifications. Additionally, they often lack user-friendly quality of life improvements found in modern equipment, which would make operation less labor-intensive. There are also some counterintuitive benefits associated with these systems that become apparent upon delving deeper into their functioning.

Rum Distillation Equipment

Details of Caribbean Rum Stills

One of the most intriguing counterintuitive aspects of these traditional systems is that while they allow more of the distinct “funky” esters of Jamaican rum to come through in the final product, they can actually carry over less fusel oil compared to using a reflux column. However, this statement comes with a significant caveat, as the data is specifically focused on funky, heavy Caribbean-style rums that contain more components than lighter rums.

The wash between the two styles is completely different and likely plays a major role in why plated columns have more fusel oil carryover.

Another significant difference is that columns can yield a spirit that is “too clean” if your goal is to create a funky rum. Distillation is inherently a process of separation and typically does not add anything that is not present in the wash. Columns are excellent for producing silver rum or lighter aged rum intended for blending later on, but they may not allow the rich flavorful esters to come through without reintroducing some of the heads and/or tails during blending.

If you want to create multiple expressions but lack the floor space, we can always hybridize the systems to achieve the best of both worlds within the same space.

The traditional methods of spirit production have stood the test of time and still hold their place in the world. However, new technologies continue to provide tools that enable the creation of products in new and different ways. We would be delighted to assist you in designing the right system to meet your goals and produce the products you desire.

The special attention we devote to the final quality inspection of each work also guarantees unparalleled reliability and robustness. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs or questions.

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