Vodka Brandy Whiskey Moonshine Distilling Machine

Whether for Gin, Whiskey or any other spirit, we can provide the best quality new distilleries to meet your needs. We offer all services to support your new distillery. In house, we can provide initial design, process development, copper smiting, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and maintenance. In addition, we can provide industrial scale distilleries for bioethanol and any other industrial application.

Vodka Brandy Whiskey Moonshine Distilling Machine

Copper distillery equipment system

500L Copper Pot still for and spirit, including Gin or Whiskey. Can be steam, electric. Easy to use CIP Cleaning system and automatic still control. Perfect starter size for the new spirit enterprise

Helmet with thermometer and inspection glass

Copper pot,

Fill-capacity 500ltr

Complete-capacity about 650ltr

Feed-opening Ø 400 mm

Side Mounted special distillation column

Outlet Ø 200 mm with ball valve 4″

New construction of plates to intensify the quality an aroma

Water-bath is completely made of stainless steel and insulated

Shaped helmet: connected using stainless steel flanging without visible screws or gaskets inside or outside, with viewing glasses and thermometer.

Indirect heating: steam bath covered in stainless steel and insulated.

Supererogatory made of copper (special distillation column) with 3 bubble caps

Bubble caps: new construction with increased copper surface and turbulent motion of liquid

Free adjustable fluid level on distillation plates – flexible adjustment of alcohol content and aroma of distilled mash. Including a pre-condenser in the head of the column (deflector)

Inspection-glasses: 4 viewing windows of for each bubble cap and mash return

Stainless steel condenser: made of V4A material, 220 mm Ø, 1500 mm high with automatic cooling with a thermostatic regulator valve

Safety features: overflow, vacuum-breaker, pressure gauge, auto-air-out, steam trap and dirt filter. Spirit piping, outflow device for distillate and water installation: completely made of stainless steel.

Method of heating: Steam or Electric