​vodka /gin/whiskey still 16 Plate, 264 Gallon (1000l) Copper High Quality Distilling Equipment Manufacturer

Whether for Gin, Whiskey or any other spirit, ACE can provide the best quality new distilleries to meet your needs. We offer all services to support your new distillery from our contracted factory. We can provide initial design, process development, copper-smithing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and maintenance.

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​vodka /gin/whiskey still

1000l stainless steel and copper combined distillery

1000 L (264 Gallon) stainless steel vodka or gin distillation unit. Design and capabilities is for small to medium scale production of vapor infused spirits at maximum proof. Proof changes & flavor profile manipulation can be accomplished with the column plate drains.

Columns are 12 inch diameter.

Run time is approximately 8 hrs.

The 1000 L boiler is available with steam jacketed boiler The stainless steel micro distillery setup includes CIP system, valves, 12 inch gin basket & hot liquor tank. Electric boiler includes agitator available in single or 3 phase wiring. All electrical components can be wired for the electrical current of any country. Steam jacketed boiler requirements are approximately 100 kg/hr of steam

This still can be purchased in stainless steel or copper. The gin basket can be placed before or after the vodka columns.

We have expert consultants ready to help you plan your distillery and for after sales support.

Components of distillery system

Stills, columns, and condensers are likely the visual centerpiece of your distillery. The equipment design, quality of build, and any artistic embellishment added to the equipment are vital in creating the look and feel you want your customers to perceive from your operation.