What are the components of the impressive 5000L brewing system? (Part II)

What are the components of the impressive 5000L brewing system? (Part II)

Following the previous article, the ACE engineer continued the discussion on the fermentation system, filtration system, and filling system in the 5000L beer brewing equipment.

Fermentation System

The cylindrical cone-bottom fermenter can be used for pre-fermentation or post-fermentation alone, or it can be combined for both in one tank. It has good adaptability and can reduce fermentation time, improve efficiency, and has been used in beer fermentation plants worldwide.

The cylindrical cone-bottom fermentation tank can be made of stainless steel plate. The upper head of the tank is equipped with a manhole, sight glass, safety valve, pressure gauge, carbon dioxide discharge port, vacuum valve, etc. The tank is also equipped with a complex cooling system. In the center of the upper part of the cone, there is a stainless steel rotatable washing jet. The tank is insulated with polyurethane foam, with the thickness selected based on the local climate. For the washing of large fermentation tanks and wine storage equipment, automatic cleaning systems are now used. The system includes a lye tank, hot water tank, disinfection tank, and pipes and pumps for circulation.

Filtration System

To achieve clear and transparent beer as a commercial product, the beer needs to be clarified and filtered at -1 °C. The main methods of beer filtration include:

  • Diatomaceous earth filter
  • Cardboard filter
  • Double flow filter
  • Cross-flow filter (used to replace diatomaceous earth filter)
  • Sterile filter (used for filtration of pure draft beer)

Currently, the commonly used filtration equipment for beer includes diatomaceous earth filters, cardboard filters, and membrane filters. The diatomite filter is used for rough filtration, the cardboard filter is used for fine filtration, and the membrane filter is used for producing pure draft beer. In the brewery, the post-fermentation mature beer contains a large amount of yeast, making the liquor cloudy. Therefore, coarse filtration is usually performed first, followed by fine filtration.

The brewery can also choose a combination of several filtration methods based on product quality requirements and cost considerations for better results.

Filling System

The beer filling process is crucial, and certain precautions must be taken:

  • Avoid beer loss
  • Ensure the desired filling volume
  • Maintain beer quality

To achieve this, appropriate measures should be implemented:

  • Prevent beer contamination
  • Prevent beer from oxidizing upon contact with air
  • Prevent CO2 loss in beer
  • Avoid any form of oxygen exposure as even small amounts can affect beer quality and shelf life. Therefore, minimizing oxygen uptake during the filling process is crucial (limiting it to 0.02-0.04mg/L).

Open a Turnkey Craft Brewery

The above provides a brief discussion of beer malt treatment, brewhouse equipment, and fermentation functions, characteristics, and process parameters. If you are interested in having your own brewing equipment, we can offer you a turnkey solution for your brewery. ACE looks forward to cooperating with you and providing professional customized services and equipment solutions.

If you are planning to open or expand your brewery, feel free to contact us directly. Our engineers will design and manufacture brewery equipment tailored to your brewing process. We also offer complete turnkey solutions and customized plans for brewery expansion.

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