What are the essential components of craft beer equipment?

What are the essential components of craft beer equipment?

The main body of craft beer equipment includes a brewhouse system consisting of two pots and three vessels, a fermentation system with six fermentation tanks, a filtration system, a CIP washing system, power distribution, a constant temperature control system, a refrigeration system with one alcohol ice water combination tank, a wine sales system, pipelines, valves, and other auxiliary accessories.

Crushing System

The crushing system includes a malt grinder.

Brewhouse System

  1. Brewhouse pot
  2. Lauter tank
  3. Whirlpool tank
  4. Plate Heat Exchangers
  5. Wort feed pump
  6. Brewhouse Combined pipeline
  7. Wort thermometer
  8. Temperature measurement and oxygenation combination
  9. Measuring cylinder
  10. Sugar content meter
  11. Discharging handle and fork
  12. Internal exhaust barrel

Description of the brewhouse system: The brewing raw material (malt) is crushed in the early stage, and the crushing effect breaks it but does not pulverize it, making it convenient for the brewhouse and feeding.

Fermentation System

  1. Fermentation tank
  2. Wort hose Low temperature
  3. Refrigerant pipeline
  4. Stainless steel butterfly valve
  5. Mobile cleaning pump
  6. Automatic pressure relief system
  7. Pressure gauge

Fermentation system description: This stage is the beer brewing stage. The specific process is as follows: feeding – brewhouse – filtration – boiling (adding hops) – whirling sedimentation – wort heat exchange, and then pumped into the fermenter for fermentation. The beer fermenter can be fermented and stored for 12-15 days to mature.

Cooling System

  1. Refrigeration unit
  2. Ethylene glycol water tank
  3. Insulation pipeline
  4. Pipeline circulation pump
  5. Valve

Refrigeration system description: The main cooling consumption of this system equipment is the cooling of wort, fermented liquid, finished beer, and the heat that needs to be transferred during the fermentation process. It is divided into two parts. The wort cooling adopts a two-stage plate exchange. During cooling, tap water is used for pre-heat exchange, and the refrigerant is used for heat exchange in the stage. The fermentation tank is cooled by alcohol water, and the ice water tank is equipped. When cooling, the alcohol water pump in the ice water tank is used, and the refrigerator is used to cool the ice water tank.

Siemens Control Cabinet

  1. Control cabinet
  2. Temperature detection
  3. Control line
  4. Signal line
  5. Leakage comprehensive protector
  6. AC frequency conversion contactor
  7. Temperature sensor
  8. Emergency stop button

Control system description: The control system adopts instrument control, including power control, refrigeration control, fermentation control, and is used for automatic control of the entire system. It can control the temperature of the fermentation tank and the temperature of the ice water tank, and the control accuracy is divided into 0.1 degrees Celsius. It is intensive, simple, highly automated, and easy to operate.

Wine Sales System

The wine sales system includes a wine vending machine that allows you to control the flow rate of wine and the proportion of foam.

The equipment adopts laser cutting and arc welding machine manufacturing technology, which enables aseptic operation and has a significant energy-saving effect. The craft beer equipment incorporates imported polyurethane insulation measures, and the pipeline layout is beautiful and generous, with no sanitary dead ends. It is easy to operate, stable in performance, safe, and automated. The equipment models range from 100L to 5000L, offering various types and customization options.

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