What makes a Brite tank shine?

What makes a Brite tank shine?

A Brite tank is a specialized type of tank used in the brewing industry. It functions as a storage tank for beer after fermentation and before packaging. The term “Brite” refers to the fact that the beer in the tank is clear and bright, without any sediment or haze that can occur during fermentation.

Brite tanks are typically made of stainless steel and designed to be sanitary and airtight. They come in various sizes, from small tanks that hold a few hundred liters of beer to large tanks that hold tens of thousands of liters. The tank size depends on the brewery’s scale and beer production volume.

How does a Brite tank work?

A Brite tank is usually employed at the end of the brewing process. After fermentation, the beer is transferred from the fermentation tank to the Brite tank. In some cases, the beer may go through a conditioning tank before reaching the Brite tank. The conditioning tank allows the beer to mature and develop its flavor profile.

Once in the Brite tank, the beer is chilled and carbonated. This is achieved using a carbonation stone placed at the tank’s bottom. Carbon dioxide is then pumped into the tank through the stone, creating the desired level of carbonation. The beer is subsequently cooled to the desired temperature using a cooling jacket integrated into the tank.

After carbonation and chilling, the beer is ready for packaging and distribution. This involves transferring the beer from the Brite tank to a packaging line, where it is bottled, canned, or kegged.

Why is a Brite tank important in the brewing industry?

A Brite tank plays several important roles in the brewing industry. First, it allows for the final conditioning and carbonation of the beer, ensuring the desired flavor profile and carbonation level before packaging.

Second, the Brite tank provides a sanitary and airtight storage environment, which helps prevent beer contamination and prolongs shelf life. This is particularly crucial for breweries distributing their beer over a wide area.

Lastly, a Brite tank enables efficient beer production, allowing breweries to produce large volumes of consistent and high-quality beer. This is essential for meeting the demands of a large customer base.


In conclusion, a Brite tank is a vital piece of equipment in the brewing industry. It stores and conditions beer, facilitates final carbonation and chilling, and ensures consistent flavor and quality in large-scale beer production. Understanding the role of a Brite tank is essential for producing high-quality beer, whether you are a homebrewer or a professional brewer.

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