Why Should You Consider the Bright Beer Tank?

Why Should You Consider the Bright Beer Tank?

Many customers think that the bright tank is not necessary since the fermentation tanks now are also unitanks which can handle maturation and have a carbonation stone to fill the CO2.

But is the bright beer tank necessary?

You know, when making beer, especially lagers, some brewers prefer to ferment the beer in fermentation tanks and then mature it in bright beer tanks. During the maturation process in bright tanks, they sometimes carbonate the beer using a carbonation stone when it lacks CO2.

On the other hand, some brewers, particularly when brewing ales, choose to ferment and mature their beer solely in the fermentation tanks, which requires a carbonation stone to be installed. Since the maturation period for ales is not long, it would be preferable to use unitanks for brewing ales.

Question: If I have 6 recipes, how do I choose between fermenters and bright beer tanks?

Answer: In fact, one recipe requires one corresponding bright beer tank. Assuming you will brew 6 recipes, we recommend using unitanks because they are more efficient and economical for maturing your beer compared to bright beer tanks.

When it comes to producing high-quality beer, many brewers believe that it doesn’t make much difference whether you use bright beer tanks or unitanks. Additionally, if the carbonation stone is placed in the fermentation tank, the yeast may settle on it, making it difficult to clean the carbonation stone.

Therefore, in my opinion, for ales, we should only use the fermentation tanks. And for a larger quantity of lager beer, it would be better to have some bright tanks. Of course, this decision also depends on the scale of the space and your budget.

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